Agma Systems


Compliance consulting offers regulatory compliance consulting and services which focus mainly on investment product sales and risk management. We help our clients in designing and implementation programs with strategic planning to improve their revenue and profits.

Our clients are widespread and thus the scope of our work is broad. Agma Systems is a leading source for;

  • Compliance manuals
  • Compliance guidance and
  • Multimedia training

Our compliance services ensure that employees understand the requirements with customized programming and multi disciplinary approach which allows us to provide global services to our clients.

Our acclaimed customer care helps to improve the data integrity with regulatory requirements and we offer integrated solutions for regulatory compliance with synchronization that helps in rendering cost effective solutions.

Our prime duties are to take care of the primary responsibilities that include compliance coverage, supporting, designing, developing, execution, brokerages, lending and equities. We provide solutions specifically for;

  • Loan review
  • Consumer compliance consulting
  • Training
  • Auditing
  • Compensation and benefit consulting
  • Anti money laundering and
  • Fraud prevention