Agma Systems


In today’s fast-paced world, the success of a manufacturing company depends largely on the efficiency of its processes. As an Information Technology services company that specializes in infrastructure, applications and communications solutions, We understand how technology ties into the manufacturing environment and the role it plays on the manufacturing floor. With the introduction of the Internet, streamlining these processes now involves development and use of Web applications to provide a consistent and repeatable process across all manufacturing facilities.

Agma Systems has helped numerous companies automate their systems, including Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and manufacturing scheduling processes, to improve production and overall profitability. We draw on the benefits of eCommerce to integrate our clients’ inventory, raw materials and service suppliers with the appropriate business processes.

We help manufacturing businesses worldwide to respond to industry’s key business challenges. With our vast industry experience, our services range from consultancy to the delivery of flexible business based offerings, founded on real experience of making it happen in the industry.

Our services focus on key areas where we have packaged solutions to offer. These combine our industry process knowledge, delivery methodology, and products and services.

We have been providing powerful software solutions to the manufacturing industries internationally. Today, we have over 250 dedicated professionals from diverse disciplines like Engineering, Business Management, Accountancy, etc.