Agma Systems


Energy service providers and utilities are facing a world of deregulation and competition, resulting in both change and uncertainty. Regulatory mandates, mergers and acquisitions, and increasingly sophisticated customers are challenging companies to transform business models and reengineer critical information systems.

As the energy and utilities industry moves closer and closer to deregulation, We are equipped to offer solutions and provide support that addresses all types of information technology challenges. The industry’s new rules and regulations will alter the way business is done and will further increase competition in this arena. Many companies will call on service providers to assist in updating their infrastructures, and we are poised to supply well-educated professionals with specific experience in the industry.

The use of the Internet for customer empowerment, B2B and B2C eBusiness is just beginning to be explored. From customer registration for deregulated energy to inter-company buying and selling of energy, eBusiness is opening a whole new arena for energy providers.

We assist Energy service companies, distribution companies, Energy wholesalers, Energy traders, large consumers of Energy and their partners in meeting new competitive environment challenges such as Customer Segmentation and Profiling, Billing and Customer Care Flexibility, Enterprise Data Integration, and Integration of Electronic Customer Care Techniques.

We help utilities and energy service providers worldwide enhance their customer focus, bill for multiple services and profit from the convergence opportunities in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Outstanding customer care and operational excellence are essential for all firms, whether a retail energy service provider, distribution company, integrated multi-service utility, or an internet-based energy aggregator.

Our extensive experience in the energy and utilities sector includes Common Operating Environment (COE), infrastructure, applications and communications solutions. Our backend support allows clients to focus on growing their business through customer initiatives, differentiated products and innovative services, while they continue to meet the challenges of deregulation. Our outstanding customer service and industry knowledge and experience makes us an ideal partner for any IT or communications project.