Agma Systems


We help clients worldwide optimize the performance of important, but non-core, business functions. Our services include applications outsourcing, business process outsourcing and transformational outsourcing.

Outsourcing enables a company to focus critical energy and resources on core business functions and mission-critical projects, such as new product development and market expansion, while leaving operational details to outside experts. We can provide specialized talent and resources at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase and/or develop them in-house. Regardless, there are a number of key benefits to be realized including business focus, specialized access to tools.

Companies can dilute precious resources and decrease flexibility and agility by devoting too much attention to areas that do not contribute to the bottom line. By concentrating on strategic business objectives and not the varied support functions required to achieve those goals, a company can better concentrate its talents and efforts on activities that will improve its abilities to compete effectively and grow. Companies that outsource become more flexible, more agile, and better able to adapt to changing conditions – improving their ability to compete.

We form a relationship with you and understand your business, objectives, history, culture, processes and needs. We then conduct a high level survey of your applications portfolios. We look at the general state of the applications, the number of users, how the applications function in the business, etc. We then dive deep into the targeted application collections, and carefully collect and survey detailed information about the applications. And lastly, a report is issued and delivered in person with our recommendation and findings. We generally include a pricing proposal for outsourcing services.

Data Conversion

Agma Systems prepares your content for data bases, electronic publishing and the Web. We provide services to fine-tune your document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for your true present and future needs.

We convert PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kinds of document formats, paper into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats with more than 200 million pages converted.

Document conversion from any document format into the exact format you need. Full support for XML, SGML, HTML, Word Processing and most others formats. A reliable, cost-effective, guaranteed service from the leader in data conversion In addition to the above we also possess the capability and experience in scanning hard copy documentation and performing OCR along with other content processing methodologies for easy Publishing and Vaulting for future access.

Hence our capability profile includes;

  • Document conversion from virtually any format – SGML, XML, HTML, Word RTF files, Framemaker, Interleaf