Agma Systems

Enterprise Integration

Our industry experience gives us an understanding of industry evolution, business issues, and applicable technologies, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client or, as appropriate, more standardized capabilities that we offer to multiple clients. Our enterprise solutions capture replicable components of methodologies and technologies to create customer solutions quickly, predictably, and cost-effectively.

Our enterprise solutions build on each other, project by project and process by process to provide a complete view of the enterprise, how the applications interact, and how data structures are shared among various applications. The point solutions connect the elements of a software infrastructure and recombine those components into a different configuration. For each subsequent solution, the process layer manages the workflow across the entire enterprise and the data is held as an integrated knowledge base for the enterprise, and the core of the enterprise integration. Our point solutions provide functionality for a specific business area while integrating the data, the applications, and the processes of the enterprise.

Process Integration

The analysis of the enterprise