Agma Systems


You want to be the best, but maybe you need some help getting there. Help with technology. With strategy. With change. The first step to achieving great results is determining where you want to go. The next is finding the right partner to help get you there. AGMA Systems might be that partner. With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only industry and functional business performance knowledge, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances.

A business challenge can spread across a dozen time zones before you finish your morning coffee. Or sneak up quietly, blurring familiar boundaries and unraveling rules of engagement. You know what it takes to respond. Understanding the whole picture. Productivity. Margins. Technology. Relationships. Even taxes. Then comes the hard part: figuring out how to blur your own boundaries to drive value.

At Agma Systems, we help executives work together by bringing solutions that bridge the interests of the entire organization. Our industry experience, broad capabilities and deep alliances mean we can help you make the most of opportunities and avoid unnecessary risk. Our promise is simple. We help clients create more value.

Project Staffing Services

Agma Systems project staffing methodologies “rise above” traditional contract services. This methodology encompasses “FITĀ® Analysis,” knowledge transfer, delivery to milestones and in-house technical expertise as a value added service to both clients and Surrex Consultants. Our Consulting Services Managers provide value added services to our clients by demonstrated ability to interface with client executives, and provide objective observations related to project staffing issues.

Agma Systems provides information technology consultants on both short term and long term assignments, as a value based partner. Our Consultants are professional, technically proficient, and deadline oriented to meet the rising project needs of our clients. This alleviates undue stress of the client’s current employees. All Surrex Consultants have access to our technical network. If a technical issue arises we are proactive in solving that issue through our structured processes.

Project Management Consulting Services

Agma Systems has taken a leadership role by adding a new dimension in time and materials Project Management Consulting. Agma Systems provides total “inception to completion” value added project management solutions to our clients. We provide ongoing training, support, and rigorous testing of technical knowledge and “soft” skills using the proprietary “Rapid Project Management” structured selection methodology.

This highly effective selection process combined with the Agma Systems proprietary analysis assures our clients the best Project Management resources the market has to offer. The Agma Systems Project Manager is equipped with critical juncture support, a foundation of knowledge in structured project management, tools, methodologies, processes and quality assurance expertise.