Agma Systems

Business Process Automation

All businesses handle repeatable daily processes to perform efficiently, effectively and profitably. By automating business processes such as purchase order approvals, expense claims submissions, sales orders – and a host of other business functions – organisations streamline business processes and improve overall business performance. Our business process automation solutions add significant business value.

Our workflow and rapid process automation solutions improve the access and control of unique business processes for compliancy and competitive advantage.

Automating communication and information flows internally and externally brings improved productivity to any business flow, from simple departmental-level processes to enterprise processes that cross software, department and even company boundaries. Our solutions allow organisations to:

  • Automate and manage information workflow processes
  • Streamline repeatable business processes
  • Design and deploy workflow solutions for any business situation
  • Access work anytime, anywhere without restrictions
  • Extend and interconnect enterprise applications
  • Determine and monitor key performance indicators

In an effort to comply with new legislation governing accounting practices and securities law, businesses are turning to business process automation solutions to help with the transition.