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Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) is software that helps you create content with common desktop applications and easy-to-use content authoring templates. Content – or unstructured information – includes digital text documents, engineering drawings, XML, still images, audio and video files, and many others.

ECM is essential for managing:

All content: Includes content from your desktop and enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, and enterprise portals.

Workflow and content lifecycle: Spans review, revision, and approval processes for any piece of content according to user-defined business rules.

Multi-channel publishing: Allows simultaneous publishing of a single content item via a Web site, email, fax, print, and a handheld wireless device.

Most enterprises unstructured content is increasing between 65 to 200 percent a year depending on the industry sector. This growth is largely uncontrolled and undermines your company’s ability to achieve:

Content ROI: Employees can spend up to 40% of a workday looking for content and untangling issues with versioning, ownership, and reformatting. As a result, too much expensive content goes underused or must recreated. ECM provides the infrastructure that gets your content under control.

Compliance: Virtually all organizations are now legally compelled to securely store and access various content for a defined period. With ECM you can set policies for retaining, storing, and retrieving specific content – and mitigate the enormous risk of noncompliance.

Collaboration: Content managed in departmental silos and restricted to certain geographies blocks the sharing of content by distributed teams. As a result, productivity drops and time to market slows. ECM enables people to create, capture, and distribute collaborative content on the tightest timeline.

Consolidation: An ECM using a single infrastructure rather than siloed content systems dramatically drops overall total costs and increases security. One ECM repository that can scale to over a billion objects offers a subsecond response time for transactional processes.